Will there be bathrooms?

Good Question. Because our farms will vary from day to day, we can’t guarantee bathrooms at every stop.  There will  at least two bathroom stops along the way (one at the beginning, and one at a central farm).  If it … Read More

Can I buy produce on the farms?

Maybe. Depending on which farms we visit on the day of your tour, we will try to have stops for you to purchase some of your very own Alaska Grown produce.  If we can’t make it happen, we’ll bring some … Read More

Do the farmers participate in the tours?

Nope. There are about 110 growing days in Alaska.  Given that short length of time, our farmers are BUSY in the fields and at the markets.  If you are lucky, you’ll get an occasional wave of the hand, or the … Read More

What is your cancellation policy?

If you can’t make it: Our cancellation policy is as such, if you let us know up to one week before that you need to cancel, we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked! If you notify us between one … Read More

I’m hungry, can we eat on the tour?

The tour includes a lunch at the end of your tour (for the morning tour) and at the start of your tour (for the afternoon tours). If you are someone who likes to snack, pack your favorite snacks to stave … Read More

Is your tour ADA compliant?

Unfortunately, our van is not ADA compliant yet (we are actively working on this, but it takes time and money), that being said we have a comfy van to transport you around that includes some excellent cd mixes of your choice … Read More

Is this tour good for kids?

Depends on the kid. This four hour tour has some light walking and A LOT of talking so it may not be the most interesting thing or appropriate for your young kids (that being said, my brother, from the age … Read More

What should I wear on the tour?

Alaska is a tricky, fickle place when it comes to weather. If you are not in eight layers you are doing something wrong! In all reality, we encourage you to bring rain gear (if it seems like a rainy day), … Read More